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Eamon and Bec: A Tribute To Lee MacMillan

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It’s been approximately 4 weeks since Eamon and Bec have not been posting YouTube videos or podcasts let alone much social activity since the tragic news of Lee MacMillan taking her own life. I hope they have taken enough time to recover and look after their own health. Saying that though I’m happy to see Eamon and Bec are trying to move forward and did this beautiful tribute video on who Lee MacMillan was as a person, For Lee (Eamon and Bec, published Apr 25, 2021, YouTube). I cannot deny that it was hard even for myself to watch this tribute video. I cried a couple times. It just so sad and I will miss her joy she brought into the videos I watched. Though I never met Lee but watching her through the videos I saw her as person that was struggling but was full of life, energy and love for everyone.

It’s hard to sometimes to move on when we are dealing with death let alone tragic ones. This is why it is so important to talk to people you trust about your struggles. Seek professional help. Unfortunately I feel from my perspective most of society is not taught how to handle many life situations we are faced with. This is why it is even more vital that we spend time to learn and start pushing for proper mental health awareness and mental health support. Even starting with self help books, audio books and podcasts is a good start. Use your local library or community centers whether that is digital or physical. Be kind, loving and understanding. Let’s keep Lee alive and #SpeakUpForLee! Mental Health Matters!

To those wondering why am I blogging about this, “you did a post already Bullying and Mental Health: Lee MacMillan”. Well I thought that if this post can reach someone in need or give a perspective on mental health to someone that didn’t see before then it’s worth it! So here is the list again of resources that maybe useful for yourself or someone you may know.

Let’s Make Positive Change!

Help and Support Services

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  • For Lee, photo/thumbnail by Eamon and Bec, published Apr 25, 2021, YouTube